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  • 7 Years of growth
  • 60 People in our team
  • 75Returning customers
  • 1,500 Projects a year

What is Chop-Chop

Chop-Chop.org delivers the highest quality markup in the era of rapidly changing technology. We work with top designers from all over the world - freelancers and companies, who need skilled web developers and appreciate the quality-first mindset.

We convert design files (PSD, AI, INDD, PNG, and Sketch) to markup, WordPress, and email templates. We also work on an hourly basis for different kinds of custom projects. Want to know more?

Our story

Chop-Chop.org was started 7 years ago by web and IT passionates who believe in the power of the web and professionalism. It was founded to help the Designers from around the world convert their design to beautiful and pixel-perfect websites.

At the very beginning we all worked remotely, without any office, meeting in cafes if necessary. Even now, having our own place, we still sometimes work in a flexible manner in various places.

When hiring new members of our team we always focus on their personality. You can gain knowledge and improve your skills, but the person you are can’t be changed. This attitude lets us build a team of cool and positive people who perfectly understand our Clients, their needs and expectations.

We’ve always valued high quality. By this we mean the quality of our work, service, but especially the quality of our team.

Meet the team

We are more than 50 pixel-oriented web lovers who have worked for more than 500 happy clients from all over the world. 8 years of experience in the web industry mean something. So every project you hire us for will be 100% hand-coded, always by a highly qualified developer. Also, the customer experience and our Post-development Support is an essential part of what we do.

See who works for you. Meet our fantastic team!

Management Team

Tomek BarskiTomek Barski
Tomek Barski
Senior Customer Experience Manager
Tadeusz RolskiTadeusz Rolski
Tadeusz Rolski
Senior Customer Experience Manager
Maciej Zawada
Maciej Zawada
Customer Experience Manager
Tomasz LudwardTomasz Ludward
Tomasz Ludward
Customer Experience Manager
Michał JagielnickiMichał Jagielnicki
Michał Jagielnicki
Customer Experience Manager
Maria Houanvoeke
Maria Houanvoeke
Customer Experience Manager
Monika MilewskaMonika Milewska
Monika Milewska
Communication Manager
Ewa HendrychowskaEwa Hendrychowska
Ewa Hendrychowska
Project Manager
Joanna Błażałek
Joanna Błażałek
Accounting/Personnel Coordinator
Magdalena RogóżMagdalena Rogóż
Magdalena Rogóż
Marketing Manager
Katarzyna JanikKatarzyna Janik
Katarzyna Janik
Marketing Associate
Łukasz Kita
Łukasz Kita
Quality Manager
Tomasz Podgórski
Tomasz Podgórski
Chief Revenue Officer
Krzysztof HaladynKrzysztof Haladyn
Krzysztof Haladyn
HR Manager

This is our office

Join us

We are always looking for talented and open-minded people who want to learn. Have you already met our Team? Do you want to be a part of it? Feel free to get in touch at work@chop-chop.org