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Chop-Chop Academy: Web Apps

Software engineering demands constant learning. Come and learn with us on:

Chop-Chop Academy: Web Apps


We are creating a community for developers, who work with JS, HTML and CSS on a daily basis, and are looking to expand their knowledge about web applications.


With every meeting we want to go more in depth with topics such as React, TypeScript, Software Engineering.

Theory & practice

The talks mix theory with practical examples and live coding. We encourage Chop-Chop Academy members to develop their own project between meetups.

Time & location

We start at 17:00 and end around 19:00. We are meeting in our headquaters in the Wroclaw city center on Szewska 3a, fifth floor, brown door on the left.


After meetup we go to a nearby pub to share and integrate.

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Meetup 0: Intro to web apps with React
29 X 2019
Wojciech showed how to get started with modern React while live-coding a prototype of a productivity app.


Meetup 1: Hooks in the wild
3 XII 2019
Piotr added more features to our todo app, including a pomodoro timer and showed how to effortlessly extract a custom hook into library.

Meetup 2: Taking control of your code, or how I learned to stop worrying and love Typescript and Jest
29 I 2020
Kamil demonstrated how we can supercharge our editor by adding TypeScript types, and Wojtek showed us how to utilize Jest for unit testing.

Meetup 3: Introduction to GraphQL and Hasura (online meetup)
30 IV 2020 
Piotr talked about problems the so-called matryoshka code creates and how to deal with them. Aleksandra showed how to easily add a backend to the existing React app using open-source platform. We looked at what Hasura offers and how to make the most of it. We also learned the basics of GraphQL and how to integrate the app’s frontend with GraphQL server.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our meetups are suspended.



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