Introducing the Chop-Chop Blog


I'm Cody and I'm here to introduce you to the Chop-Chop blog. Are you ready? Pause whatever you're doing, grab your cup of coffee, sit comfortably and... read 🙂

Once upon a time...

We all love great stories, right? Who doesn’t. And if the things we want to read about - like the subjects we are passionate about, things that can improve our skills or make our life or work easier - are written in a funny and simple manner, it’s even better.

Some time ago the Chop-Chop team came to the conclusion that we’ve seen and experienced enough to share some stories from our web development backyard, but not only. With six years of know-how and a group of experienced and simply cool people we have so much to tell: we’ve seen and coded a lot, spent thousands (if not millions) of hours talking to hundreds of people worldwide, written billions of lines of code. If that doesn’t make us good storytellers, I don’t know what does. Hence the idea for the blog.

Let us introduce ourselves

We’re a constantly growing group of hard-working and open-minded people constantly willing to learn and improve our skills. We are code passionates and great design lovers, but it’s not our only interest. We all have different hobbies and we are simply a group of cool people and great friends. Be sure we have a lot to share.

Is it us you’re looking for?

Whether you’re a designer, a business owner, a creative or a digital agency employee or simply a person who strives for knowledge and likes to learn, you’re in the right place. We’ll share the best bits of our work. You’ll learn who we are and how we work, find out what you can expect from working with us and what our approach to different projects is. We’ll introduce you to our ideas, tips and inspirations.

It doesn’t matter if you got here by accident or with a sincere willingness to check our performance on a new field (writing cool and usable content is not that easy, right?) - you’ll certainly find something for yourself here on the Chop-Chop blog 🙂

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