Posted on 12.08.2019
by Michal Jagielnicki

WooCommerce vs other e-commerce solutions

With e-commerce poised to dominate the world of retail in the next few years, for many business owners the question of whether they should open an online store has turned into the question of how they should do it. Luckily, there is a number of solutions out there that allow anyone, even with no coding...

Posted on 29.07.2019
by Michal Jagielnicki

How is WordPress still the most popular CMS

According to the website, 34% of the internet currently runs on WordPress. How did this CMS manage to stay so popular, over a decade after its release?

Posted on 15.07.2019
by Michal Jagielnicki

Custom WordPress themes vs pre-made themes

Should you create a custom WordPress theme for your business, or select one of the free or premium themes available on the market? This is the question that I intend to help you answer today.

Posted on 23.05.2019
by Krystian Kupiec

Modular WordPress with ACF Flexible Content

Create modular WordPress themes using Advanced Custom Fields. With this approach you can easily speed-up development time and make your clients happy. Modularity will take your projects to the next level.

Posted on 16.02.2018
by Jan Lubieniecki

To WordPress or Not To WordPress?

People often assume that a WordPress site is a static 'thing', which is not true. WordPress site is "living" and getting it is not like buying a piece of furniture, but more like keeping a dog. Let's explore what it means to have a WordPress site with its pros and cons.

Posted on 14.07.2017
by Jan Lubieniecki

How to Improve Your WordPress Site Speed

WordPress site speed matters. Speed maters! Being a millennial means "I want things quickly". And I want them right now. If your website loads too slowly, I’m on your competitor's page already. That's just the way it is.