Chop-Chop & Curaytor – 5 Years of Digital Partnership

This year, we’re celebrating the fifth anniversary of starting one of our longest-running partnerships - with Curaytor. We started small and grew big but still look forward to the future. 

Curaytor is a marketing and sales platform for real-estate-related businesses. It started as a simple management app but over the years the core functionalities have been split into separate applications. Now it consists of four separate web apps responsible for different client area sections. Together, they form a complex tool, The Curaytor Marketing Platform, that helps their real estate clients generate quality leads and close deals


When the Curaytor co-founders contacted us back in 2016, we were a completely different company than we are now. Most of our projects were relatively simple WordPress and front-end builds based on the provided designs. The project managers used ticket systems and acted as the conduit between the developers and the client. This waterfall project management system worked pretty great for us and there was no real need to look elsewhere.

Evolution of the Curaytor Marketing Platform

It all changed as the Curaytor Email Blast Tool we created started expanding and developing into a complex platform. As the application grew, it became increasingly clear that our usual procedures just won’t do. One by one, we removed obstacles between the client and our developers, making them an integral part of the team. We tested several project management tools to find a solution that could make the process seamless and gradually drifted towards the agile methodology. Our current workflow includes sprints, regular meetings, and real-time Slack communication.

Where we are now

Today, The Curaytor Marketing Platform consists of four independent apps we are still expanding and improving. Each new release is met with enthusiastic reactions from the users and there’s still so much to do!

With the emergence of modern JS frameworks, we applied this workflow to more and more projects, virtually changing the way we operate daily. We are working on more complex and exciting projects than ever and we always look at the partnership with Curaytor as one of the most important milestones in this transition. 

Here’s to another five years!