Chop-Chop launches a new website based on WordPress and Next.js

The recent months at Chop-Chop have been a whirlwind of innovation and coding finesse. As we delved into refining our strategy and revamping our offer and services structure, we realized our digital home needed a facelift too. It's like crafting a fine-tuned symphony – every note matters.

After countless cups of coffee, brainstorming sessions that could rival a Hollywood plot, and more lines of code than we'd like to admit, we're thrilled to introduce the MVP of the brand-new Chop-Chop web & e-commerce development company website.

Redesign — reviving and unifying the brand image

At the heart of our website redesign was the aim to refresh our visual identity, breathe new life into our brand book's color palette, and refine our typography. However, this revamp was about much more than just aesthetics.

Clarity and intuitive navigation were equally paramount. This drove our dedicated focus on enhancing navigation, reorganizing content layout, and placing a spotlight on clear CTAs. Not to forget the convenience for our clients to easily reach out to us.

Our new design had to authentically mirror our work ethos, showcasing the values and image of forward-thinking and approachable creators ready to cater to our clients' needs. It's about telling the tale that lies at the heart of Chop-Chop, portraying our spirit, and encapsulating our organization's essence in every pixel and line of code.

Tech stack — website based on WordPress and Next.js

When it came to selecting the right technology stack, we left no stone unturned in scrutinizing our needs and the technical as well as business requirements of our new website. After thorough analysis, the choice was crystal clear: we opted for the Jamstack approach, building our website on the robust foundation of WordPress and Next.js.

Why did we settle on a website based on WordPress and Next.js?

Well, for starters, we value the convenience and ease of content management that WordPress as a CMS offers. Leveraging a tailor-made REST API solution, we've tailored it to align precisely with our requirements.

On the front-end, we've harnessed the power of Next.js with Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR). This dynamic combo ensures that all subpages are generated statically and swiftly served, further enhanced by the implementation of lazy loading. This intricate web of technologies not only accelerates our website's loading speed but also beckons visitors to engage, despite any initial skepticism about script names.

Jamstack as the the tech stack we've chosen is indeed the driving force behind our success. With WordPress and Next.js steering our website's evolution, we're confident we've hit the jackpot in terms of technology alignment.

And so is the new!

Embarking on this journey, we present to you the MVP version of the new Chop-Chop website. While some of the subpages await their turn for a redesign and update in subsequent iterations, the overall rejuvenation brings us boundless joy and propels us forward with newfound vigor into the next phase of our brand's evolution and the comprehensive services we provide our clients.

This is just the beginning, and trust us, there's much more in store. So, stay connected and stay tuned!