Chop-Chop on top of the Top WP Development Companies in Poland according to Clutch Rank

We can say: Chop-Chop is Top WordPress Development Company! Early this year we made it to the top of the Top WP Development Companies in Poland list according to Clutch Rank.

Poland’s top WordPress Development Company

We announced this impressive result on our LinkedIn profile a while ago.

This result is the effect of our engagement and professional approach to our projects. But at the end of the day, we owe this distinction to our clients. Their reviews prove our ability to deliver and our dedication to satisfying their needs. Our five-star Clutch profile helps us establish our name in the industry.

This year, we received yet another 5-star review and we keep occupying the top position of this ranking.
This newest review is special to us because it was given to us by our long-term partner, Curaytor. We’ve been working together since 2016. You can find a case study of our cooperation here.

Clutch Rank: How is it calculated?

Okay, it’s all nice and pretty but what does it really mean to be on top of the list according to Clutch Rank? What do you have to do to rank high? There are many factors taken into account. All of them are aggregated by an algorithm.

The detailed Clutch Rank algorithm isn’t public but we know what it takes into account. First, Clutch calculates the number, quality, and actuality of the clients’ reviews. The reviews hold more weight if they are extensive and include details of the partnership in question. Failing to obtain new reviews regularly results in other companies taking over.

Secondly, Clutch Rank considers the company experience. The experience is measured by the type and experience of the clients we work with. This factor is also boosted by case studies in a portfolio.

Another important aspect is a company’s market presence: marketing activities and reputation in the industry.

The final factor recognized by Clutch is the service focus. It lets Clutch users find the right suppliers for their current needs.

Why is Clutch so important in the IT industry?

In 2021, the selection range of development companies and software houses is larger than ever. But along with the opportunities it brings, it presents extra challenges when it comes to choosing the right provider.

Clutch is a platform that addresses this issue. It allows potential clients to browse its vast catalog by offered services, price range, location, and many more. It provides space for companies to introduce themselves, but it is mostly done through their clients’ own words. That’s why it’s much more reliable than ads or questionable paid “top 10” articles.

IT is an industry, where trust is the most important factor clients take into account when choosing to work with a certain company. Clutch does great work aggregating all necessary information to help make a decision.

We’ve been getting many interesting inquiries every month thanks to Clutch. It’s proof that this platform is very relevant both for us and for our potential clients.

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