Magento Meetup Wrocław #11: Headless Magento

Another successful edition of Magento Meetup Wrocław is now behind us, and this time, the spotlight was on Headless Magento. This marked the eleventh installment of this event, which we've had the privilege of co-creating right from the beginning. Magento Meetup Wrocław serves as a unifying platform for Magento developers, project managers, tech enthusiasts, and the entire software house community in Wrocław.

Headless Magento as a main theme

On the stage, we had the opportunity to witness and hear four presentations, each shedding a different light on the various facets of Magento (Adobe Commerce) in its headless form. Each presentation offered a unique perspective, showcasing the diverse capabilities of Headless Magento.

Adobe & AEM - A Story about Challenges

Gerhard Bastl, the Head of Solution Architecture at mediawave commerce GmbH, shared insights into using Adobe Commerce as a headless back-end combined with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) as the front-end. Through a compelling case study presentation, he demonstrated that this approach represents an exceptionally efficient combination, although not without its fair share of challenges.

Flexible and Scalable Approach to Building Headless E-commerce: API-First Design and Composables

Jarosław Trybuchowicz (CEO) and Dmytro Kravchenko (Front-end Team Leader) at BeeCommerce provided a glimpse into cutting-edge strategies for headless e-commerce. It covered the power of Composables for rapid and efficient development, emphasizing practical applications using Vue Storefront. Additionally, API First Design was explored, highlighting its significance and showcasing flexible API integrations in headless e-commerce.

Voucher based e-commerce application - Magento / Laravel / React

Maciej Siadak, Senior Web Developer at our Chop-Chop e-commerce division, took us through a fascinating journey – the development of a gift card-based store, built on the Magento platform, integrated with an external service using Laravel, and a React frontend. He walked us through the entire process, from understanding the client's specific requirements to taking the project from concept to an almost finished product.

E-Commerce B2B - how to reconcile technology with advanced business needs?

Jan Żaba, Technology Advisor at TIM S.A., delved into the intricacies of meeting demanding e-commerce requirements while maintaining architectural integrity and adhering to Magento's recommended solutions. He emphasized the importance of finding solutions that don't force businesses into compromising. Using the case study of, an electrical wholesale store, he described the migration to a new architecture built upon Magento 2 and microservices, utilizing GraphQL, Vue, Symfony, and Apollo Router technologies.

A large dose of knowledge and inspiration, as always

As always, Magento Meetup Wrocław proved to be an incredible opportunity for knowledge sharing, experience exchange, and inspiration. It was a wonderful occasion for face-to-face interactions and networking.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to mediawave commerce GmbH for co-organizing this event, as well as Hard Rock Cafe Wrocław, which generously provided the venue and outstanding service for our gathering, for the second time.

We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of Magento Meetup Wrocław!

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