Merger of Chop-Chop and Magently — more web and e-commerce development prospects under one brand

Something new is on the horizon - significant changes are afoot. Within the Chop-Chop family, the fusion of our two brands, Chop-Chop and Magently, is well underway. The strategic decision to unite both companies under a single banner was made some time ago, and now we're thrilled to announce that we will officially be offering web development and e-commerce development services under the unified brand, Chop-Chop.

Expanding service offerings

Thanks to the fusion of both brands into Chop-Chop, we're poised to significantly expand our service offerings. This union leverages the collective competencies of both teams, who've had numerous opportunities to collaborate on projects in the past.

Our web development and e-commerce development services, combined with the expertise we've amassed, will enable us to craft even more tailored, custom solutions for our clients, complete with a broad technological stack.

More complex and demanding projects

The integration of both teams within a shared working environment paves the way for us to take on even more challenging and intricate projects, such as headless e-commerce solutions. We're excited to share that our first ventures into this arena will be unveiled very soon.

Process and management optimization

Through the seamless integration of our work tools, operational environments, and project management, we've harnessed the power to holistically and cohesively manage the workings of our entire organization under one unified entity. This synergy not only streamlines our internal processes but also significantly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of our daily operations.

The result is a workplace where collaboration is second nature, innovation is nurtured, and the sharing of ideas flows freely. It's a place where our teams are empowered to tackle complex challenges and deliver creative, cutting-edge solutions. As a united front, we're poised to take on the most intricate and ambitious projects, all while ensuring a level of quality that sets us apart in the industry.

Brand consistency

One of the key benefits of combining our two brands into one unified entity, Chop-Chop, is the unwavering consistency it brings to our brand identity. This synergy ensures that our message, values and overall brand image remain consistent and consistent. With this consistent identity, our customers can rest assured that the high-quality service and innovative solutions they have come to expect from Chop-Chop will continue seamlessly.

The result of well-thought-out preparations

This momentous merger didn't happen overnight - it was the culmination of months of meticulous planning, preparation, and coordination. The objective was clear: to ensure a seamless transition, no disruption to ongoing projects, and the continued excellence that our clients have come to expect.

During this period of preparation, our teams worked closely to align processes, integrate workflows, and harmonize our work culture. We were unwavering in our commitment to maintain the high standards that have become synonymous with both Chop-Chop and Magently.

Continue our journey together

With a consolidated team, shared expertise, and a strengthened vision, we're poised to deliver even greater value to our clients and embark on a journey filled with innovation and excellence. The best, we believe, is yet to come.