Posted on 12.08.2019
by Michal Jagielnicki

WooCommerce vs other e-commerce solutions

With e-commerce poised to dominate the world of retail in the next few years, for many business owners the question of whether they should open an online store has turned into the question of how they should do it. Luckily, there is a number of solutions out there that allow anyone, even with no coding...

Posted on 19.12.2016
by Ewa Hendrychowska

Shop Like a Gamer – Gamification in Ecommerce UX

Gamification, that is applying game principles and elements in non-game contexts, has been quite a thing for some time in the web design and UX industry, and most probably it's here to stay. Even those of us who are not regular gamers can spot certain patterns and methods and use them successfully in creative projects.