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Meet UpScore

Norwegian fintech startup

UpScore’s vision is to give you a better control over your finances! But how can you improve it if you do not know the criteria you are judged on? In fact, you have always had a financial score associated with you as a person, even though you may not have been aware of it. UpScore makes this kind of information visible to you! That’s your data, isn’t it? In addition, they will tell you what draws your score up and down and how to take advantage of it.

UpScore is an automatic AI-powered advisor that, based on various sources, calculates credit score and shows information about contributing factors. Then it uses the information to give advice on how to improve the score and offer better financial deals than you currently have.

UpScore is a growing portal for finding out your financial score. We helped build all functionalities from user accounts to drawing charts and displaying bank offers.

Upscore Data Sliders

So how does it work? Users log in with their Altinn accounts which allows us UpScore take their tax data and calculate the result. In the panel, they can see their information presented on various graphs. But that’s not all – you can also see offers from various banks based on your score with such features like calculators and individual forms. We’re also working on adding logging in via social media accounts like Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

UpScore graph

We decided to use ReactJS and NodeJS to build the application and we set it up with Firebase. To make the site easy to manage, we integrated Storyblok, a headless CMS with a visial editor. We also used Yarn and Cypress for automated testing and for site diagnostics.

Upscore popup

UpScore is constantly developing and we are creating and implementing new features every month. Apart from introducing new login options, we’re working on improving the way UpScore communicates with banks and enriching the user portal.

Chop-Chop team did a great job bringing our design to life! We really appreciate smooth communication throughout the whole project and pixel-perfect result that we got at the end. We would truly recommend Chop-Chop to anyone who seeks professional web development service that is provided/delivered in a friendly way.

Jimmy Mackin | Curaytors

– Jimmy Mackin, Co-Fouder at Curaytor

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