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Curaytor Mailer - Web Application by Chop-Chop

Named one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., Curaytor is a platform for real estate agencies that helps them acquire high-quality leads and close deals. Let’s have a look at the applications we helped them build.

Workflow and environment

Curaytor started as a simple static website and we treated it as such. They could communicate with the developers via raising tickets managed by our Project Managers. Very quickly it became impractical and we switched to direct channels of communication to enable agile workflow. Ever since we joined the client on one Slack channel, we became a part of the decision process and find it way easier to ask questions and discuss project needs.

The platform

Curaytor Marketing Platform currently consists of a few separate apps and they provide three core functionalities.

Website builder

One of the core functionalities of Curaytor Marketing Platform is the website builder. It gives the Curaytor clients a domain to set up their promotional site. It comes with a drag & drop page builder and lots of customization settings. The editor is WYSIWYG style (What you see is what you get), which makes the app extremely user friendly. It has features like landing pages, a newsletter, lead collection, forms, branding and many more.

Email Blast Tool

A custom email campaign creator that comes with a calendar that shows all your queued campaigns. It is equipped with an audience builder that syncs directly with the user’s database. Beautiful templates are also provided for users to efficiently send their databases high quality messages.

The tool also offers detailed statistics that show you which campaigns are the most effective. You also compare your results with top-performing ones in the community.

Convert Tool

Convert is a marketing analytics tool that shows you exactly how the people in your database are engaging with your website and marketing to empower you to reach out with highly relevant, personalized messages.


Initially, there was just a single application, Email Blast Tool that allowed sending emails to potential leads. As we were adding new features, it was necessary to divide services into separate apps. This allowed us to streamline our workflow and keep the codebases relatively small and easier to manage. It also added a little bit of extra security – potential issues can’t affect the entire platform.

Currently, React is at the core of the platform tech stack but it hasn’t always been that way. In 2016, when we started writing the first lines of code, we were mostly using JS + SCSS, which at the time seemed like a valid solution. As the environment grew, we realized the codebase is impossible to maintain using just JavaScript. Changes made in one place often caused the domino effect in a form of unpredictable changes in other parts of the app. That’s when we decided to start using TypeScript.In the meantime, we decided to stop using SCSS altogether. We switched to CSS-in-JS (Emotion, specifically) which made it much easier to maintain an extensive codebase. Now that the styles are written in JS and are regular JS variables, they can benefit from the entire toolset existing around JavaScript. The editor highlights unused variables which makes it easier to spot leftover code chunks.

Chop-Chop team did a great job bringing our design to life! We really appreciate smooth communication throughout the whole project and pixel-perfect result that we got at the end. We would truly recommend Chop-Chop to anyone who seeks professional web development service that is provided/delivered in a friendly way.

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Jimmy Mackin

Co-Fouder at Curaytor