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Daniella Draper is a multi-award-winning British jewellery designer using recycled gold and silver to make high-quality pieces that stand the test of time. With a degree in jewellery design at the prestigious Central St Martins in London, Daniella has honed her skills & creative process since 2009. The Draper team has created practices of making jewellery that keeps its handcrafted charm but also ensures its high quality.

Daniella Draper as a brand is also known for extraordinary shopping experiences. Six stand-alone stores bearing her name in the UK feature iconic white clean interiors with restored antique cabinets and counters, which provide a fresh backdrop for the unique jewellery.

The same unforgettable experience is offered by an e-commerce online store based on Magento, developed by our e-commerce division at Chop-Chop.

Magento – the leader of e-commerce development

Magento is considered one of the best e-commerce platforms used by 250 000 merchants, brands like Christian Louboutin and Nike included. Magento, also known as Adobe Commerce is a leader in the digital commerce branch.

As Magento is customizable and uses an open-source platform, it is easy to add plugins, important for such areas as shipping, payments, or processing. Building online stores with Magento offers a lot of flexibility and scalability. While the data is stored at a single backend office, the fastest reverse proxy and HTTP accelerators called Varnish improve the site performance. 

Magento is also known as an easy-to-integrate platform with omnichannel support and a lot of mobile-friendly features. Last but not least, it is also very efficient for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

As new technologies develop at a higher pace, it is important to choose solutions that support those changes. It has future-proof scalability and extensibility. The ability to respond to data in real-time is one of Magento’s benefits. 

Drawing from headless commerce capabilities, Magento extends and integrates API from any application. But if you don’t want to go completely headless, there is still an option to choose a storefront or a decoupled hybrid option. Its modular core is extensible, so using a collection of module features you can customize your products. 

For developers, Magento is a great option because of the open source platform and its outstanding performance that provides fast loading of the websites. 

It is hard not to notice the mobile usability which is a must-have in 2023. Providing a great shopping experience for mobile users is one of the core benefits of Magento.

Last but not least, Magento is a secure option. It is so by design, but it also allows you to take several additional actions that will make the e-commerce online store based on Magento platform even more secure. You can do so by configuring Magento Security Scan Tools, enabling ReCAPTCHA, disabling admin account sharing, forcing password changes, and much more.

E-commerce online store based on Magento for Daniella Draper

For a brand offering such a unique user experience as Daniella Draper, having a powerful e-commerce platform was a must-have. Magento met the needs. But with such a complex product structure, Daniella Draper decided to find a company that could help in the daily maintenance of Magento, keeping its performance and integration with a lot of other, external services at a high level. This was the moment when Chop Chop jumped into the game.

Among the unique features that Daniella Draper offers its clients is a special App. It is integrated with Web Store but also with in-store CMS. Shop employees can also use that app, for example, to report the sale of one of the jewellery products. As the app has a Magento module integrated, Chop Chop also supervises its correct operation. It is a fascinating feature to work with.

Magento and external API

The flexibility and customizability of Magento make it a platform that is often used with external services. But the more of them you can integrate with, the more maintenance is needed. Chop Chop web developers spend a large part of their contracted time on better customization of the Magento API. 

Daniella Draper must be sure, that all of the customers will have the option to check the order status, or payment and delivery status, no matter how it was submitted.

Another important feature to implement was customizable SMS based on purchasing history. 

Among many interesting cases was one that involved occasional gift cards. Daniella Draper offers an option to order a gift that would be delivered on a special date, like a birthday or anniversary. But different countries use different date formats. So as in the UK, the typical format contains day/month/year, there are at least seventeen to even thirty countries, including the US and Canada, that use the flipped format: month/day/year. 

One of our goals at Chop Chop was to make it error-proof. The last thing you want is to have a person born on April 5th receive a gift on May 4th. 

With the maintenance, Chop Chop also takes care of the correct images import from social media. Overall, our job is to make the Magento platform as seamless a solution as possible.

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