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Meet Machtfit

Promoting employee health

We’re delighted to have Machtfit as one of our first clients ever. We helped build their first website back in 2011 when they started as an innovation project at the Technical University of Berlin. They’ve been very successful from the start and have been trusted by over 300 corporate clients like Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa, or Wilkinson Sword.

Following their success, we built a new website for Machtfit in 2013 to meet their business needs caused by their growth. But seven years in web development is eternity so in 2020 it was time to create a brand new WordPress website – mobile-friendly, compliant with modern technologies and best practices.

Machtfit provides health plans for their corporate clients and the reality of remote work in 2020 has brought a whole new set of problems to be solved

Project overview

A lot has changed since we created the first Machtfit website in 2011 and so has WordPress and our approach to implementing it.

From the first steps, we took a modular approach in our work. We knew the project would be growing from its initial shape and the Machtfit team will reuse website sections to expand it in the future on their own.

For maximum flexibility, we created a lean system of reusable block components. On top of that, almost every block has a few different color versions to make sure they can fit in every context.

Communication was key in this project. The process spanned over several months and with a few Developers and Project Managers involved on our side, we had to make sure everyone is on the same page, always.

Our clients always get maximum transparency and flexible communication channels. This project wasn’t an exception. We used a project management tool to keep track of tasks, time spent, and priorities.

We also would catch up on calls with the client whenever a more direct approach was needed. The core development happened in times when face-to-face meetings had to be scarce even within our team. It’s really easy to take your eye off the ball if all you do is talk by email. We made sure to make it as personal as possible in the situation.

The main purpose of the site was always to inform and we never forgot about it. It had to be clear and easy to read but it still includes some clean animations and nice touches.

To give some life to the site, we added a few smooth JavaScript transition effects.

We also implemented dynamic filtering for the blog page while making sure SEO isn’t compromised.

It’s been great to work again with our long-term clients. Nothing beats helping amazing projects like Machtfit mark their presence online.

We worked with the Chop-chop team on our new website that underwent a totally new design and technical relaunch. The whole project was postponed a bit due to the corona-crisis, but the chop-chop team was always there and ready to go when we re-started working on the project. The developers we worked with were very hands-on, helpful and fast, always trying to find solutions for us and going the extra mile. It felt like they were part of our internal team.

Christian Drongowski Avatar

Christian Drongowski

CMO at Machtfit