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Gunzilla Games is a fresh, independent AAA game dev studio based in Ukraine, Germany, and the USA. They were preparing to announce their upcoming project – Off The Grid. Off The Grid is a story-driven shooter set in a cyberpunk world. For the announcement, the Gunzilla team needed a modern and exciting website to promote the teaser and get the players excited for the game. That’s when they reached out to us to help them bring this project to life. 

Tech stack

We started by figuring out the tech stack. The Gunzilla team made it clear that they wanted something fast, easy to manage, and scalable. At the same time, the website was to be full of animations and transition effects. We ended up choosing headless WordPress with Next.js/GraphQL and TypeScript.

Why Next.js? Next.js is a React framework for building lightning fast web applications. It provides extra tools and optimizations to native React, while improving the developer and user experience. We used it to compliment the JAMstack architecture with a headless CMS and a Static Site Generator. The prerendered code is served to the browser via CDNs, drastically improving website loading speed and general performance. Since the landing page is loaded with large images, videos and animations, it was crucial to use a solution like that, while not compromising the client’s ability to easily update their website.

As we started coding, the client provided examples of the animations they’d like to have on the Off The Grid site. We researched and experimented to achieve the best possible effect. We ended up basing most of it on the Framer Motion library for React. 

In the end, we delivered the project and Gunzilla could run their marketing campaign on time. The game announcement was an instant success and the teaser got over 6 milion views in one week.

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They were amazing! We were continuously communicating to be on the same page about the project. The whole process of the development was a tight work between our team and Chop-Chop.

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