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Velosophy WooCommerce store by Chop-Chop

Meet Velosophy

Swedish bicycle and lifestyle brand with a mission.

Vélosophy creates thoughtfully designed bicycles and accessories, at the same time supporting female education in developing countries. For each bought bike, they donate another one to a schoolgirl in a developing country. What’s more – they make some of their bikes from recycled coffee capsules, balancing the environmental impact of their product. 

Velosophy needed a fresh, clean web store to showcase and sell their bikes. They wanted it to be easy to navigate, find and use and be a general improvement in comparison to their previous website. We’ve been working with the founder Jimmy Östholm on a few of his agency projects so we were his first choice.


The development process involved two WooCommerce Developers and a Project Manager on our side. The whole process took 3 months. During that time, we built the backend and the frontend, as well as two main customizations.

Bike configurator

Each bike can be configured on its individual product page. We created functionality that shows bike previews in different color configurations as they update in real-time. Then, the pre-configured bike can be added to the cart with its settings saved.

Custom AJAX cart

The dynamic sidebar cart allows a buyer to view its content along with the finest details without leaving the page they’re browsing. A user can easily update their order and seamlessly proceed to the checkout.


The new site was launched in 2019 and was met with a positive reception both from the client and the users. We continue working on updates and small additions to the store, making sure the visitors always see the best possible version of the site.

The delivered quality, and working with them is easy. They had worked out a system that allowed us to ask and recieve answers to questions we had about the development. Our users have commented that the site is clean and easy to navigate. They’ve also praised the site’s general appearance.

Patrick Sundqvist

Project Manager at Velosophy