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What is Jamstack?

Jamstack – JavaScript, API, Markup – is a modern web development architecture based on microservices methodology. In classic approach, the website code is served to a user upon a request and then it gets compiled and rendered by a browser to display its content.

Jamstack allows you to serve pre-rendered static files to users directly. This seemingly small change has a huge impact on the website performance, safety, scalability and SEO-efficiency. Combined with a Static Site Generator and a Headless CMS, it’s a go-to, future-proof solution for modern frontned web.

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Why Jamstack is good for your business?

Jamstack is a huge convenience for developers and users and it directly translates to marketing and business gains. Jamstack beats the classic approach on every front and the technology around it is improving every year.

Frontend Development Chop-Chop

Next-level performance

Does loading large pages in a fraction of a second sound neat? Your clients and search engines think so, too!

Chop-Chop web development services for agencies and startups


Good performance translates directly to a positioning boost. Get the best results without compromising quality or losing CMS support

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Headless CMS

Easily manage your content without the performance and security issues caused by traditional CMS

Chop-Chop web development services for agencies and startups


Your website is detached from databases, plugins and pretty much everything that could serve as a potential threat

Chop-Chop web development services for agencies and startups


Jamstack websites don’t rely on heavy communication between users and a server and they’re almost unaffected by large traffic spikes

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Frontend Development Chop-Chop

Work with experienced developers

We have got years of collaboration with demanding designers and business owners under our belts. When we say your project will be taken care of, we mean it.

We don’t throw empty promises or execute orders blindly. If we see that a decision goes against the project’s success, you can rely on us to speak out.

Frontend Development Chop-Chop

Minimize management effort

We use Agile practices to keep you up-to-date on the progress and deliver the code in iterations, so you can stop worrying about the timelines and budget for once.

Whenever you prefer to keep the eyes on the ball, you always have full access to our time estimations vs time spent in our project management tool.

Frontend Development Chop-Chop

Collaborate on simple and complex projects

We can handle anything from simple HTML/CSS code to advanced JS interactions. Best coding standards are used regardless of the project size to ensure the code is light and easy to expand.

For bigger projects, we assemble bigger teams. Two or more developers working on your project mean faster delivery, but even more importantly – expand the tech stack and improve the decision-making.

Working with Chop-Chop was a great experience! Not only did they code my WooCommerce store almost ideally as per the design but, most importantly, they were invaluable in advising the best solutions. Intuitive and easy-to-use admin panel is extremely important to me as the store owner and the team at Chop-Chop were really attentive to ensure that.

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