Web Development for Agencies

We’ll help you say yes to more projects!

As close as it gets to having an in-house development team

We’re not your in-house team. But it feels as if we were!
Depending on your individual needs we can outsource
a few of our devs to work exclusively on your project.

We will adapt to your flow. Not the other way round.

We can flexibly adjust to your preferred tools and working methods.
We’re always open to work out an optimal flow that will work for your projects.
We have one goal in mind – to deliver what’s most valuable for your and the project first.

Successful partnerships made to last

Oriented towards long-term partnerships, we help agencies build and continuously improve their portfolios over the years. We promise honest project review and advice on how to approach a given problem and solve it. We want to communicate with your PMs and designers in order to work out the best solutions together. As we cooperate, we grow and learn from each other.

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Agile process tailored to your needs

We employ Agile / Scrum methodologies to ensure maximum efficiency and quick turnaround. An individual project plan is our answer to your needs.

Smaller projects

We work iteratively on small projects, giving you the chance to regularly preview and feedback our work. Site by site or feature by feature, you get to see what’s been coded. A dedicated PM on our side handles the project, but we want you to be the real project owner.

Larger projects

With larger projects (or just whenever you need) we can work the Scrum way, with planning, daily check-ups, product demos and reviews. We want to establish and deliver what’s most important for the project first. We create MVP versions and during frequent iterations we try to inspect, improve & adapt. Your dedicated PM is responsible for the smooth flow of the entire cooperation.

Clear and transparent communication

Our unified communications solutions are designed to make collaboration simple and effective.
As an active collaborator, you’ll always know where your project is headed.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated PM assigned to your project will work to maintain the highest standards of cooperation and strenghten our relations. He or she will rid the process of any obstacles in communication between our devs and your team, making the process as smooth and pleasant as it should be.

Dev-to-Dev Communication

We understand the value of transparent communication and asking the right questions in the right time We ensure and facilitate dev to dev communication via a shared communication channel, such as Slack.

Meet our Agency partners

I LOVE Chop-Chop. Unlike other services in this space, Chop-Chop goes the extra mile to thoroughly review the project, make suggestions and ask insightful questions to ensure we’re not wasting time and resources on a halfbaked concept. They have world-class service and provide clear and concise communication throughout the entire process. We see them as a partner on our development team, not just a 3rd party coding service.

Jimmy Mackin
Co-founder at curaytor.com

When we don’t have the capacity to complete a project in-house, we routinely turn to the fine team at Chop-Chop. Their technical prowess is outstanding and I have yet to throw a project at them that their team cannot execute. Code is consistently solid and their communication is outstanding. Thank you for the great partnership!

Benjamin Kuehn
Golden Valley, United States

Chop-Chop team did a great job bringing our design to life! We really appreciate smooth communication throughout the whole project and pixel-perfect result that we got at the end. We would truly recommend Chop-Chop to anyone who seeks professional web development service that is provided/delivered in a friendly way.

Alina Prelicz
UX specialist at The Rectangles

Chop-Chop is one of our strategic partners. We really enjoy to work with them. As a marketing agency we are happy to have a partner who supports us with technical knowledge. Clear Communication, fast reaction and service oriented work are just a few of their qualities.

Can Arslan
CEO, Smarttec-Services

It’s easy to find a WordPress developer, but it can be downright impossible to find a team that communicates effectively, hits deadlines, writes clean code, oh, and is incredibly affordable! I’ve used Chop-Chop’s services for years and always come back to them and recommend them. If you need any HTML or WordPress dev work done, stop looking and start paying Chop-Chop.

Jason Zook

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Try us out! Start with a free quote and get 10% off!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still can’t find the answer, feel free to Contact us

1. Will I get the source files?

Yes. The package we send over contains all the source files.

2. Will I get the development environment?

Yes. We will send the development environment to you or (with React/Vue projects) prepare guidelines on how to easily set it up for yourself.

3. Do you have an NDA?

We do. Learn more about our Policy here.

4. What are your normal business hours?

Our customer care and development teams are available:

Monday to Friday
9:00 am — 5:00 pm, GMT+1
That is 3:00 am — 11:00 am, EST