Chop Chop Pro Plugins Update

Due to the fact, that we are changing our plugins’ infrastructure, we need to ask you (just once) to update your PRO plugin manually. After this update, you will be able to get future updates as normal in the WP-Admin panel > plugins > given plugin > update. These are the steps of this procedure:

  1. Write us an email to with a request for an updated PRO plugin. Provide us with an email address or name you used for buying a PRO plugin in the Mandracode shop.
  2. We will send you a zipped file containing the plugin.
  3. Backup your WordPress site (the files and the database) just to make sure your site is safe.
  4. Delete the old PRO plugin that you have.
  5. Upload the updated plugin using the package we sent you. You will find the instruction below.
  6. As long as your plugin isn’t outdated, the procedure should not delete any of your PRO plugins settings and content. These are kept in the database even when the plugin is deleted. 
  7. If everything goes fine, you should be able to see the content and settings you set in the plugin before the whole procedure.
  8. If anything goes wrong, use your backup (files and database) to rewind to the situation before the procedure, and contact us at

Plugin Reinstallation

1. Download the .zip files with your premium plugin(s) from the email we sent you.

If you use Mac, your browser may unzip the file automatically. See here how to disable this function and download the .zip properly: How to stop Safari from unzipping the archives

2. Navigate to plugins > add new in your wordpress panel.

The confirmation has been sent to the email you provided at the checkout. If you haven’t received it, contact us.

3. Click “Upload plugin”

4. Select the .zip file with the plugin and click “install now”

5. Activate the plugin

Installing the plugin using FTP

If you are unable to install a plugin using the method described above, you can do this with FTP:

  1. Unzip the pack with the plugin.
  2. Access your host via an FTP manager of your choice, navigate to /wp-content/plugins/. Delete the old PRO plugin and upload the unzipped new plugin directory there.
  3. Go to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin.