How do I add custom fields to my pop-up?

In this tutorial, we’ll add a custom field to our pop-up and send it in an email message.

1. Edit your pop-up or contact form and navigate to the “Email Fields” section.

In Pop-Up CC Prp it’s located in the “Newsletter” tab.

2. Click “Add Field” to create a new field. Click “X” on the right to delete the field.

3. Note how each field has a set of attributes.

Field Type indicates if the field should be a text, a number, etc.
Field Id is a unique identifier of a field. It can be whatever you want, just remember to use lowercase letters and give each field a unique ID.
Field Placeholder is the default value of a field.
Field Label (only in Contact CC) is the name displayed above the field.
Required – select this checkbox if a field should be mandatory.

4. Let’s say we created “Name” field with the following attributes:

5. Now let’s create an e-mail message template that will be used when somebody signs up.

Scroll up to “E-mail Notification” section.
Use Field Id’s in curly brackets in the message content. The Field Id of our “Name” field is name, so it should look like this:

Customize the message in any way you like, just keep the Field Id’s in curly brackets.