Pop-Ups Display Control

Here you will learn how to display your pop-ups exactly where you want to.
Go to “Display Control” tab in Pop-Up CC PRO to see the available options.

1. Display by Role

Decide who will see the pop-up: all users, unlogged users or logged in users.

2. Access Control Type

Here you select the access control mode. You can either whitelist (Include) or blacklist (Exclude) posts, tags, categories, etc. If whitelisted, the given types of content will show the pop-up. If blacklisted, they will not. This is a global setting and will apply to all options described below.

3. Include/Exclude by Type

Decide which content types should or should not display the pop-up. Content types are Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types (e.g. Products in WooCommerce are Custom Post Types).

4. Include/Exclude by GET

Provide GET parameter which should or should not trigger the pop-up. For example, if your URL looks like this: http://domain.com/?parameter=1, put parameter in the input box.

5. Include/Exclude by URL

Decide which URLs should or should not display the pop-up.

6. Include/Exclude by Taxonomy

Decide which taxonomies should or should not display the pop-up. Taxonomies are Categories, Tags, Link Categories and Post Formats. If you select, for example, Exclude > Include/Exclude by Taxonomy > Tags, the pages that have any tag will not display your pop-up.

7. Include/Exclude by Term

Decide which terms should or should not display the pop-up. Generally speaking, Terms are the items in a Taxonomy. For example, Tag will be a Taxonomy, while the actual tags inside this Taxonomy will be its Terms.

8. Include/Exclude by Tag

Decide which tags should or should not display the pop-up.

9. Include/Exclude by Page

Here you can select the specific pages to display or not to display the pop-up.