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I'm Zach Fichman-Klein. I help businesses expand by optimizing their digital presence.

OptimizeMaximize Your Company's Impact Online

Research is the foundation of every successful website. The best sites use the data they gather to solve
people's problems.



Your customer's needs are unique to your business. I identify these needs and use them to build a targeted site.

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I help your customers achieve their goals while interacting with your business.


I work with developers to build your site well, giving you the best chance to gain new customers.

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Conducting minor maintainance keeps your site running smoothly.


BVG Next

My team and I won an award for an augmented reality app to be used on Berlin's subway.

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Cattle Market

Cattle Market Mobile

I updated an app that tracks market reports for buyers and sellers of cattle.

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I was the lead product designer on a startup that helped networking organizations communicate.

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My Loop
King Kog

King Kog Bicycles

I made a responsive site for a bike shop that's in the process of expanding.

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I designed a grocery shopping site for busy professionals.

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"Zach's contributions to his peers is remarkable. His design deliverables, from user esearch through to wireframes and prototypes, are all high calibre and well thought out."

"I would be happy to have the opportunity of working with Zach on a UX team as I am confident of his skills as a designer, leader, and communicator."


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