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Groceries delivered right to your door.

From ancient food stalls to modern supermarkets grocery shopping has been an offline process, requiring travel, time, and patience. Getting food has has become synonomous with lists, shopping carts, and lines. Online grocery shopping has become a popular way to avoid the hassles going to a physical store.

A lot of major companies such as Amazon, Instacart, and Peapod have large online grocery stores and are competing for marketshare. The concept company I designed a site for, Instashop, is an online grocery store that targets a niche, young professionals. Focusing on a specific group makes it’s small size and limited offerings an advantage. It also makes it easy to build a site specific to their needs.

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Building for a Target Audience

I never start a project without researching the customer’s needs but with Instashop it was especially important. The success of the company relied on me being able to design an identity millennials could relate to. I started with user interviews but I also did an extensive competitive analysis and tagged along with people as they shopped in grocery stores.

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My research revealed that young professionals shopped for sales, took multiple trips to the grocery store/week, and were interested in food they could make quickly. I focused on satisfying these needs when I made the interface though highlighting deals, having a 3-months free shipping offer, and offering food that was easy to make.

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Online grocery shopping makes life easier. That’s why so many large companies are competing in the space. Instashop is a small company so I chose to specialize, creating a site tailored to millennials. The user interface is optimized for mobile use, sales are highlighted, and past purchases are noted. It’s based on user research and designed to fulfill shoppers needs. My Instashop site is a new way for young professionals to shop.

If you want to know how I went about my entire design process for this project read this article.

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