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King Kog

Bikes made to fit you perfectly.

King Kog is a bike shop with locations in Brooklyn, New York, and Oakland, California. They specialize in building custom-made bikes and want this to be the primary focus of their brand but they don’t want to neglect other aspects of their business. Other revenue generating sources, such as bike repairs and their store, need to be easily accessed.

Their current site doesn’t reflect their goals so I took it as a challenge to redesign their site. This was a 2-month long project I started in December 2016 and finished the last week of January 2017.

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Building for King Kog’s Future

My goal was to align King Kong’s business goals with their customer’s needs. After researching the shop and their competition I interviewed people interested in buying a new bicycle. I needed to better understand their bike buying habits. I found that people take weeks, if not months, to make a purchase. This was a major factor in the direction I went with the site. It’s also something I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t research King Kog’s customers.

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I designed King Kog’s site with the primary goal of driving people to contact the shop about making a custom-made bike. I also added a store and a repair booking service. The checkout process features signifiers that let people know where they are and how many step until they complete the purchase. The pictures and visual aspects of the brand makes it feel as if you’re in one of their shops.

Repair Service Page

The most important information is at the top of the page. As people scroll down they get more detailed info.

Appointment Page

The horizontal slider allows people to choose the type of repair they need without losing their orientation.

Appointment Pop-Up

This pop-up slider gives people a chance to be more specific about the type of repair service they need.

Payment Method Page

Giving people the option to pay later is a good way to increase conversion rates. Notice how clear I make moving onto the next step.

Credit Card Page

I split up the process of people filling out their credit card details so it seems manageable and clear.

My redesign of King Kog’s site transforms the brand and allows them to convert prospects into customers. People are able to quickly navigate to the information they need and make purchases with ease. Streamlining the buying process of the store and the repair service makes it simple to pay without setting foot in the store.


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