Terms of service

By using our Services you are agreeing to the terms below.


All WordPress, Web Apps, frontend and custom projects are priced individually. Our team always prepares a custom quote for you based on your designs, tech requirements and full specification.

The total cost may vary depending on the project size, complexity, technologies used, integrations and features required. We reserve the right to amend our pricing for any additions or changes to the original specification.

Working schedule

Our development team is available:
Monday to Friday 09:00 am — 05:00 pm, GMT+1 (03:00 am — 11:00 am, EST)

Our support is available:
Monday to Friday 09:00 am — 05:00 pm, GMT+1 (03:00 am — 11:00 am, EST)

Order delivery

Order delivery time starts running on the first business day from the date of purchase. Delivery time is provided in the order summary. We will inform you about possible changes before we start working on your order.

Ongoing projects, long-term and high-volume partnerships

For ongoing development projects, long-term and/or high-volume partnerships contact us directly to explore all possibilities offered by Chop-Chop and our sister brand Magently.


All payments for the projects are charged on a prepay basis. Refunds are provided under certain circumstances that are set in “Refund” paragraph of this Terms of Service Agreement.

We believe that having a clear and open payment policy will help us maintain a better relationship with our clients. Please take a look at the terms related to payments and invoicing below:

  • The initial payment for the project must be completed up front, before the development commences.
  • The overall cost of the project may be split into smaller (e.g. biweekly or monthly) payments.
  • If a payment for an ongoing project is delayed, we reserve the right to hold off on further work until the pending payment has been completed. The deadline of the project might need to be renegotiated.
  • Final assets for the project will only be provided once the full cost of the work has been covered.
  • Invoice for the completed payment will normally be sent to the provided billing email address within 30 days (may be provided sooner upon request).

If you have any questions concerning our payment policy, feel free to ask your dedicated Project Manager 🙂

We accept payments via

  • Credit card
  • PayPal

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee to refund full amounts if:

  • we can’t carry out your order,
  • you will cancel your order before we start working on it,
  • you are not happy with the results when reviewing the project on our staging servers.

Note! The refund is NOT issued if the request for the refund was received after the project files were sent or after the installation on the client’s server.

Free Support

By default Chop-Chop gives you 30 days of free support. When the stated period is over we offer support and maintenance on a paid basis upon your request.

Content and terms of condition

We reserve the right to refuse to work on any project, without the need for providing justification. We will not accept projects or potential clients whose projects or policies are offensive, illegal, hatemongering, discriminating, spread fake information, involve illicit or infringing material.

The Client is fully responsible for all content and materials included in the project in terms of its legality or proper social behaviour.