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Chop-Chop is redesigning. See what's coming and meet Cody, our brand hero.Learn more

we convert your design to high quality, hand-coded,
cross-browser compatible html and css pixel-perfect markup

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The talk about us, a lot


We absolutely love working on great designs.
Check out what some of our clients tweet and say about us.

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Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith @whale

@bauermarty Yep, I've used @chopchoporg probably 45 times. Be clear on expectations, explicit about details, but they will rock it.

— link
jonathan bowden

jonathan bowden @jonathanbowden

@_bklmn hit up @chopchoporg , these guys are stellar.

— link

rogie @rogie

@wtc yeah I sure have. My suggestion: design it, then have @chopchoporg cut it up for you.

— link
Martin Fabricius

Martin Fabricius @martinfabricius

I love working with the guys from @chopchoporg ! They know everything about making stuff for Wordpress.. #WordPress

— link
Joshua Krohn

Joshua Krohn @joshuakrohn

@Fixel I don't have the time, but if you don't find anyone, I recently used @chopchoporg. I ran out of time on a project and they were ace.

— link
David Sistilli

David Sistilli @DaveSistilli

Discovered a great company today - @chopchoporg Wish I had found you guys sooner! What an awesome concept for designers.

— link
Bright Mediums

Bright Mediums @brightmediums

We've used @chopchoporg twice now to chop PSDs into XHTML. They do a great job with responsiveness and browser support. Highly recommended.

— link
Kyle Lambert

Kyle Lambert @calloutcreative

@whale @chopchoporg They have been great for a current project I am working on!

— link

Midwestern @buildmidwestern

Per @whale's tweets we gave @chopchoporg a shot and are VERY VERY impressed.

— link

DailyTekk @DailyTekk

@kevinrose I just used @chopchoporg for a project and they were brilliant. Highly recommended. My review: http://t.co/tZRFBD2fvo

— link
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Communication and attention to detail are very important to me. Using Chop-Chop was a great decision in that they accomplished both. They nailed it in one pass and walked away knowing we had a great end product. Not to mention they are fast. I'd use them again, no doubt.

— Josh Cole, Associate Creative Director, BOHAN Advertising

Chop-Chop services are excellent. They've cutted the layout very fast and they did a great job, creating a valid HTML code without a single mistake. See you soon for the next job. Thank you. :)

— Nicole

During a very extreme time crunch, I needed some urgent help with finishing a website. I am a Front-End developer and I am not used to using a third party company to code my sites, this was the first time for me. After a lot of research, Chop-Chop seemed like the best solution. After handing the design templates off, they delivered! Everything was done on time, and they were willing to work with me on making improvements to the code. I was very happy with the results, I very much recommend the Chop-Chop services.

— Sebastián Jaramillo

It was a pleasure working with the team at Chop-Chop, throughout the development of my project. They are professional, pay attention to detail and consistently deliver high quality work on time and within budget. My project was well managed and any queries or questions raised were addressed swiftly. I look forward to continuing a working relationship with Chop-Chop in the future.

— Martyn Feller, Attractive Nomad

After requesting pricing from multiple other developers, I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability and short turnaround time that Chop-Chop offered. My particular development needs were somewhat complex, and I myself had very little knowledge of web development, coding, etc. I was incredibly impressed with how patient, hardworking and thorough the Chop-Chop staff was at every step of the process - they replied promptly and courteously to my many questions and requests. Even once the site was launched, they very kindly fielded my follow up requests for help as I learned how to operate things on my own - something which I did not expect and for which I was very grateful. I've since hired them to do some additional work on the site to adjust to new directions the site is taking. I could not be happier with my experiences working with Chop-Chop. I have recommended their work to multiple others, and also plan to continue to use them for my own needs moving forward.

— Dena Norton

Working with Chop-Chop has made the productivity and efficiency of my business increase substantially. They are always able to provide intuitive solutions to our design challenges, making our designs fluid, functional and efficient for what our clients need. Chop-Chop takes our designs and matches them 100% to whatever CMS system (mostly Wordpress) we're using within the timeline they promise it by - which is such a big plus. I'm confident with the development work which in turn makes me confident in our delivery to our client expectations. I would not be able to offer website design packages that the valued cost I can without the aid of Chop-Chop and continually look forward to additional projects with them.

— Emilia Farrace

I've just realised my third project with Chop-Chop. I knew this one would be a bit more ambitious than the previous ones, so I had estimated a much longer handling time and a lot of communication. In the end they fascinated me with a quick fulfilment and the implementation of an extra bonus feature as a compensation for a little miscommunication. Even bug fixing after my installation on the server works quickly and reliably - something you should better not expect elsewhere, where you pay the full project upfront.

— Christoph Huebner, general manager, Tippgeber UG

Excellent work! You can trust Chop-Chop to do their absolute best for you. My theme was quite complex requiring much back and forth. Enhancements were done quickly and accurately. I found Chop-Chop 100% committed to satisfaction. I recommend them highly and will definitely be using them for future work.

— Vivian, VanOntwerp

I have been looking for some support for more technical projects or simply as help during busier periods to build fully custom Wordpress themes from my conceptual designs.

I initially tried Chop Chop by requesting some help with some technical development issues with an existing theme I had customised, they were very helpful and quick and needless to say they sorted everything out.

They are extremely quick and precise in producing a theme from conceptual artwork and provide excellent support before, during and after the theme production, their communication is also superb.

I feel confident knowing I have a team I can trust and rely upon to produce first class themes and be on hand to provide technical support at a very reasonable rate for issues above my expertise so I can concentrate on designing rather than getting bogged down with technical issues.

I can not recommend them highly enough, they are reliable, dependable and highly professional.

I like what they do so much I am going to visit them!

— Alex Scheele



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