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By creating a Web App, you:

  1. 1

    Reach more users

    Web Apps are progressive and responsive,
    meaning they offer the same experience for
    desktop, tablet and mobile users across all
    modern browsers.

  2. 2

    Create outstanding UX

    With a Web App you can deliver a fast,
    smooth and engaging experience,
    even to the users who are offline
    or have limited bandwidth.

  3. 3

    Acquire new users easily

    Web Apps are very shareable
    - all it takes to access your
    application is to click on a URL.
    No need to download it from an app store.

  4. 4

    Make use of mobile functionalities

    Use push notifications to re-engage
    your users, and allow them to install
    a shortcut to your app on their
    desktop or phone’s home screen.

  5. 5

    Rely on steady solutions

    Building with widely-used JS frameworks
    like React.j or Vue.js means your code
    will not become obsolete and
    is easy to develop and expand.

I LOVE Chop Chop. Unlike other services in this space, Chop Chop goes the extra mile to thoroughly review the project, make suggestions and ask insightful questions to ensure we’re not wasting time and resources on a halfbaked concept. They have world-class service and provide clear and concise communication throughout the entire process. We see them as a partner on our development team, not just a 3rd party coding service.

Jimmy Mackin
Co-founder at

I’ve just realised my third project with Chop-Chop. I knew this one would be a bit more ambitious than the previous ones, so I had estimated a much longer handling time and a lot of communication. In the end they fascinated me with a quick fulfilment and the implementation of an extra bonus feature as a compensation for a little miscommunication. Even bug fixing after my installation on the server works quickly and reliably – something you should better not expect elsewhere, where you pay the full project upfront.

Christoph Huebner
General Manager, Tippgeber UG

We needed a development house that was able to communicate effectively, translate our designs accurately and implement our feature requests exactly how we wanted them. Chop-Chop did that for us and more. Superb communication all the way through development and quick turnaround times and fixes on any changes we wanted to make. The support we received after development was completed was also excellent. We look forward to working with them again!

Tom Roberts
UI Manager, Immersive Labs

Working with Chop-Chop was a great experience! Not only did they code my WooCommerce store almost ideally as per the design but, most importantly, they were invaluable in advising the best solutions. Intuitive and easy-to-use admin panel is extremely important to me as the store owner and the team at Chop-Chop were really attentive to ensure that. I’m not a tech-savvy person but developers’ input, flexibility and patience in explaining the backend were immense help. I really felt that they were personally involved in building the store in the best possible way!

Marta Maruszczyk
Fashion Designer, Owner of Pulpa delivers high quality, they are versatile and always find a way to make things happen, instead of just saying no straight up. Usually when I work, it’s a mess, but they always try to understand what I am requesting.

Christian Rosenbech
Partner, CHRISTIAN+CHRISTIAN, København V, Denmark

There are plenty of services out there similar to Chop-Chop. I evaluated a lot of them and eventually make a decision to go with Chop-Chop because they seemed to be the most professional service when it comes to estimations and quality. Many of those providers are just trying to sell as much as possible by promising everything without even taking a deep look into the requirements.

Moritz Haag
Zurich, Switzerland

As a designer who values the user experience and wants to mirror his designs for the web, Chop-Chop is the only spot for me. They took my photoshop files and quickly transformed them into a beautiful site without compromising the design.

Dylan Simel
Art Director at Translation LLC

I have been looking for some support for more technical projects or simply as help during busier periods to build fully custom WordPress themes from my conceptual designs.

I initially tried Chop-Chop by requesting some help with some technical development issues with an existing theme I had customised, they were very helpful and quick and needless to say they sorted everything out.

Alex Scheele

When we don’t have the capacity to complete a project in-house, we routinely turn to the fine team at Chop-Chop. Their technical prowess is outstanding and I have yet to throw a project at them that their team cannot execute. Code is consistently solid and their communication is outstanding. Thank you for the great partnership!

Benjamin Kuehn
Golden Valley, United States

While Chop-Chop is an incredible company at executing to high quality, more importantly, they are incredible at client customer support. Despite being a world of time zones away from California to Poland, their attention to expedient communication at all hours was second to none in my experience with relatable companies. From the initial point of contact, it took no more than 3 days to receive a live working website to review from our creative mockup provided, and we were live just a few days after that. They mean it when they say fast, but to quality. At Sony PlayStation, working with companies that value customer support and high quality work like Chop-Chop is exactly who we like to collaborate with. Because of them, our website is perfect.

Aaron Kaufman
Senior Community Strategist,
Santa Monica Studio / Sony PlayStation

It was a pleasure working with the team at Chop-Chop, throughout the development of my project. They are professional, pay attention to detail and consistently deliver high quality work on time and within budget. My project was well managed and any queries or questions raised were addressed swiftly. I look forward to continuing a working relationship with Chop-Chop in the future.

Martyn Feller
Founder, Attractive Nomad, Sydney, Australia

Chop-Chop team did a great job bringing our design to life! We really appreciate smooth communication throughout the whole project and pixel-perfect result that we got at the end. We would truly recommend Chop-Chop to anyone who seeks professional web development service that is provided/delivered in a friendly way.

Alina Prelicz
UX specialist at The Rectangles

Chop-Chop is one of our strategic partners. We really enjoy to work with them. As a marketing agency we are happy to have a partner who supports us with technical knowledge. Clear Communication, fast reaction and service oriented work are just a few of their qualities.

Can Arslan
CEO, Smarttec-Services

You guys are great. I do not offshore or outsource any overflow projects to anyone else as I do not trust them as I do “The Choppers”! Fast comms, great service, friendly team, super quality and just all round nice people to work with. I do recommend you guys and when anyone says “we don’t offshore work” I tell them that we don’t either aside from sending work to you guys. Keep up the good work 🙂

Gray Dudek
Director | Giants & Titans

It’s easy to find a WordPress developer, but it can be downright impossible to find a team that communicates effectively, hits deadlines, writes clean code, oh, and is incredibly affordable! I’ve used Chop-Chop’s services for years and always come back to them and recommend them. If you need any HTML or WordPress dev work done, stop looking and start paying Chop-Chop.

Jason Zook

We’ve been working for over 3 years with Chop-Chop on several opportunities (PSD/HTML, PSD/WP tasks or WP development). Having dealt with a lot of their competitors in the past, we’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of their service and due diligence. Projects are delivered on time, well managed and budget friendly. What we value the most is: quality of work, communication & delivery within timelines and we’ve never been disappointed. I can only encourage any of you to give them a chance, they are trustworthy and you won’t be disappointed, now hopefully you don’t get them too busy so we can keep our slice of Chop!

Samuel Benisty
Founder at ViUU Media Group

I worked together with for already a few web projects the last years. Chop-Chop sliced the designs into great responsive web-templates. If we are in time-pressure with some projects and need extra help for this kind of work, Chop-Chop helps us out really professionally. They work quick and professionally and the communication is good.

Joeri De Zeeuw
Bruinisse, The Netherlands

We want to say Thank you for the wonderful experience we had with Chop-Chop building our website – “Diversity”. This is the second time we’ve worked with them, but this time – we asked for larger site custom made with three languages, lots of detailing and hard work (and of course a short schedule). Chop-Chop Team handled everything absolutely amazing! Pixel-perfect, everything we could ever dream on regarding to a website development. Thank you for your patience regarding to our comments, and thank you for being available for us. We really hope working with
Chop-Chop soon again!

Orli Isralowitz

A big THANK YOU for bringing my website into life! I received a number of compliments for it coming from my clients and friends from different parts of the world. For many entrepreneur projects like mine, website is a key point, like a business card which should be impeccable, impressive and very focused. Making my site in three different languages was not evident as some languages like English are very compact, while others in translation become longer in text. Technical tricks and pop-up screens were very well implemented. Thank you for your immediate response on the project, technical and administrative support, your suggestions and finding solutions! I am looking forward to a continuing working relationship with you, Chop-Choppers. You are a great team!

Yelena Ganshof
Founder, Yelena Ganshof Image Consulting

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What we do


If you want to build the entire Web App with us, our PMs and developers will help you choose the right technologies and solutions for your project. Get the best you can out of your product by relying on a top-notch technology stack and agile development practices.


Our knowledge of Node, Express, PHP7 and Laravel allows us to become an extension of your development team, create robust backends for Web Apps and provide you with much-needed expertise. Hit us up, and create a backend for your app with the same technologies and frameworks used by Groupon, Uber, Netflix, Linkedin, Paypal and Walmart.


We build web apps using React or Vue, popular JavaScript libraries made for creating fast user interfaces with real-time interactions. Both are grounded solutions created by international communities of developers, and are used by some of the biggest businesses – like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Atlassian, Yahoo, Grammarly, Wizzair, Adobe, Xiaomi, Alibaba, Gitlab and Nintendo.

Our process

  1. 1

    Our Project Managers want to hear about your plans for the app and the directions that you want to take your product in.

  2. 2

    Our team of experts will advise you on the best solutions to make sure that technology supports your app rather than weighs it down.

  3. 3

    Let’s create a usable MVP of your product, so that you can launch it and get feedback from your users as soon as possible.

  4. 4

    We have an internal team of testers, which means your app is being tested and reviewed as it is being developed.

  5. 5

    We use the feedback we receive from you, your users and the team to adapt and make sure the app we develop achieves its goals.

Why us?

Selection of Specialists

Selection of Specialists

Experienced frontend,
backend and fullstack developers,
up-to-date with the leading
edge of technologies.

Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Project Manager

Agile management
procedures for app development
ensure the process runs
smoothly and effectively.

Extended Team

Extended Team

Communicate with your Project
Manager and developers via
Slack, Active Collab, Gitlab
or other tools of your choice.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Dedicated testers make sure
the layout and functionalities
of the Web App are bullet-proof.



Close cooperation ensures that
we do not lose sight of the business
goals and your vision for the app.

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Let’s talk about your app

Schedule a quick call with our Business Development Manager. Let’s discuss your needs.

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